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Buy one of the best phone in the world, iPhone 6s, at the best cheapest price online in India.Apple iphone 6s cheapest I am myself using this phone and highly satisfied, amazing phone.

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Space Grey and Gold, both versions available in stock. 64 GB would be an adequate option for a normal user. 128 GB if you are a heavy user or needs for photography as 4k movies and HDR photos occupy more space. There is no 32 GB model in the new iPhone 6s. so if you are not a hard photography user and need phone for business or usual call/msg purpose, go with 16 GB model., which would satisfy your iphone dream phone.

Iphone 6s Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – confused between the two?

Both are amazing flagship phones of 2016. The choice absolutely depends on whether one wants an Apple IOS or Android operating system in their mobile phone. While android offers more customization and features, IOS is more secure and lag-free stable operating system. IOS sycs with other apple devices quite easily.

Galaxy S7 offers more features with great camera and features, while iphone 6s has green 3D touch and fingerprint scanner features which are absolutely flawless.

Size-wise and lookwise both are almost great looking phones, but S7 looks more premium and ornamental with shiny finish. Cost-wise iphone 6s would cost little more than Galaxy S7 in terms of 16 GB size inbuilt memory models. So just go ahead and choose any of the one and you will never regret.

Here is a short video review of Apple iphone 6s by one of the top reviewer:

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