Buy Olympus Nikon Zeiss Microscope Online @ Cheapest Price

olympus cx21i microscopeNow you can buy laboratory instruments like accessories, consumables and even larger instruments like Microscopes too. Amazon is now offering various microscopes on their site.

Buy online Olympus Cx21i, Cx 20i etc versions online at the best and cheapest price from Amazon India and save lot of money.

  1. Olympus CX 21i LED version OR Halogen version
  2. Olympus Ch 20i
  3. Other Microscopes


Olympus CX21i is one of the best selling entry level microscope for pathology residents / pathologists for doing routine laboratory work as well as basic histopathology and cytopathology.

  • Ergonomic and compact design for user convenience
  • High performance aspheric lenses in the abbe condenser and light relay system for bright and uniform illumination
  • SMPS circuit for constant voltage output, rackless stage for durability and ease of use
  • Optional Accessory: Mirror unit, 15x eyepiece (FN 12, anti fungus), micrometer, filter holder, dark field stop, micro image projection system, phase contrast attachment/10x, 40x, simple polarizing attachment

If their budget is little more, they can go for CX31 or CX 33 olympus or Zeiss Primostar or Nikon E100/E200

Students can opt for celestron, Labovision, Labomed, magnus microscopes for their routine/study purpose.


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