Lenovo P2 vs Honor 6x vs Redmi Note 4 vs Moto G5 vs Lenovo K6 vs Honor8

Hello HitShoppers.. Recently one of my friend was asking about a mobile suggestion – he want to buy a mobile phone under Rs 20000 , or more precisely around Rs 15000 and he gave me lot of his choices :

Lenovo P2 vs Honor 6x vs Redmi Note 4 vs Moto G5 vs Lenovo K6 vs Honor8 vs Coolpad Cool 1


Though each phone has specs similar to the other phones, there are few points which make them out of the others. The choice depends on the users interest on which feature he needs more.

Lenovo P2 :

Lenovo P2 has 5100 mAh battery which is best among the segment. Infact this is the highest power battery any phone has among the phones available in the market right now – while I am writing this post in June 2017.

The battery lasts almost 2 days with moderate usage of the phone. Was released in Jan 2017 with dual sim, Super Amoled screen and fingerprint sensor. Larger battery makes it a little heavier – 177 gm, though its just 15-20 gms heavier than other phones.

Honor 6X :

Released in Feb 2 2017, this is one of the best low budget phone with good camera results. Has IPS display, hybrid sim slot and 8 MP front camera, 3340 mAh, Li-ion Battery.. One of the friend saying the battery goes down in few months – though am not very sure.

Redmi Note 4 :

Lowest price out of all of the above.  One of the highest rated phone with great specs and good design.  But have heard of some heating issues and camera quality not so great. Have its own UI which might not interest few and it eats up a lot of RAM. No fast charging, no NFC and updates might take long. No OLED screen, many preloaded apps  and a little poor battery screen on time.  Slow finger printing sensor, poor speaker quality

Moto G5 :

Similar features with great camera results. Faster android updates and pure android UI are the main plus points.

Lenovo K6 :

A little older compared to other contendors, released in september 2016. Non removable battery, no fast charging and no Gorilla glass like protection of the screen.

Honor 8 :

Released in October 2016 so a littler older compared to the rest. Good design and performance but someone may find the UI disappointing. Battery is just 3000 mAH which might not be sufficient compared to others now. Single SIM phone.

Coolpad Cool 1 :

One of the best budget phone from Coolpad, one of the top company of China. But finding a service center in your area might be troublesome. So check for the service center. Camera quality not so great.


PS : These are not my personal reviews, they have been gathered from various sources – online and offline. Post your feedbacks too to help other users.

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